Heatable Gloves - size S-GH75D-27-32-S

Heatable Gloves - size S

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Breathe easy while riding a motorbike, indulging in winter sports, cycling... endure cold fingers no longer when its cold and snowing

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Cold hands and stiff fingers are a thing of the past. These heatable gloves by HEATees provide warmth come rain or shine. Hands receive optimal blood circulation and stay supple.

This fabric which breathes but is water-repellent and the ultra thin heating elements made from special, flexible heating fibers worked into the gloves provide comfortable temperatures for hands while taking part in winter sports, fishing or working outdoors.

Even high grade gloves made of insulating material stave off the cold only for a certain period of time.
By comparison electrically heated gloves provide active warmth even in the face of inactivity. Apart from the warmth, warm hands augment blood circulation entirely, strengthen immunity and activate the metabolism of your body. One's hands don't get hot but comfortably warm (body temperature of up to 42°C).

How do these gloves function? The gloves are heated by a special heating system made of flexible carbon fibers which circulate heat evenly on the fingers and the surface of your hands. At this spot the hands are usually especially susceptible to cold. The accumulators are discretely concealed in the cuff. Once switched on the gloves heat up within minutes. With the lithium polymer accumulators that have been provided in the delivery they can be heated for 5-8 hours. The accumulators can be re-charged up to 500 times.

At times, heatable gloves run on batteries are on offer as bargains. However most consumers are soon left disappointed by the ineffectiveness of the battery operated products and do not want to re-place 6 batteries at each application either (3 for each glove). This is expensive and not eco-friendly.

This model of HEATees in comparison wins over because of the lithium-polymer socket-charged accumulator run operation. It is not only eco-friendly, simpler and longer lasting but economical on the whole. The marginally higher cost price is compensated by the enhanced performance and longer life of the product. The lithium-polymer accumulators can be re-charged up to 500 times.

The gloves heat for approximately 5 hours at the highest level and for 8 hours at the middle level

By the way: while one has to dig deeper into ones pockets a second time over for the accompanying accumulator in the case of many heatable gloves available in the market, in this case the intelligent lithium polymer accumulators are already included in the delivery.

Only the best materials have gone into the making of these gloves: conductive carbon fibers for the heating system, 3M TM Thinsulate hydrophobized upper material that has been rendered water-repellent, thermal padding to insulate from the chill, inside you can feel the soft microfibers. The fiber is approx. 10 times finer than conventional fibers. Thus they take up considerably smaller space - but with almost double the capacity to heat.

The result is a glove that is optimal in all respects, of exceptional comfort upon wearing and of high operational reliability. Low amperage rules out any possibility of an electric shock or burns, even under wet conditions.

Indispensable for people into winter sports, walking, hiking, skiing, motor biking, for stadium visitors, anglers, riders etc... Also people who in their professions are exposed to the cold prefer to use these heatable gloves.

Ideal for diabetics and people suffering from bad circulation, lack of activity and cold extremities

Accumulator set and charger are included in the delivery.
Charger for 230 V/2 x 150 mA. Charging time approx. 9-11 hours.

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