Cotton gloves - in white

... hygienic protection for many cosmetic treatments....

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  • Color: white


Those averse to using latex gloves look forward to using these skin-friendly working gloves made of 100% white mutton cloth. These soft lint-free gloves protect your hands and products from soiling and still afford a fine sense of touch. They are particularly suited for sweaty and extremely sensitive hands, also as a lining glove beneath latex or normal rubber gloves.

And here another popular beauty tip: 

The gloves are also used in protective treatment of hands: apply hand cream or nail oil in the evening and massage it well into your skin until completely absorbed. Then slip your hands into the gloves and leave them on overnight. The glove covers the hand and aids the active ingredients in penetrating effectively.

They are practical in that they can be put along for a hot wash and re-used many times over.

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