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XXL LacLine

UV nail paints are also known as Soak Off nail paints

The Soak Off nail paints are the latest tantalizing trend in nail design.

If this nail polish delivers what it promises then it is ideal for every woman. That precisely is our aim.

Who among us would not want lovely AND healthy nails. XXL LacLine does away with worrying about ones nail polish while working, cleaning or even indulging in sporting activities. You need no longer worry about just about stepping out of your house and having to hide your nails within a matter of minutes because your nail polish has peeled. Nails now look perfect and healthy for two whole weeks.

Frequently asked questions:

It is advisable to go through the instructions before deciding to buy the products. You will find these here:

In a nut shell one can say you need:

  • - your usual manicure
  • - a ProPusher to push back the cuticle
  • - Spirit to de-grease the nail surfaces
  • - a nail buffer to roughen the nail surfaces
  • - light curing device for hardening each coat that is applied
  • - Base Lac – as a base coat
  • - your favourite XXL LacLine shade
  • - Top Lac – for sealing zur Versiegelung
  • - Remover to wipe away the oily dispersion layer

Soak Off means "soluble". The difference between Soak Off and the classic nail polishes is that Soak Off nail polishes can be dissolved with remover whereas traditional gels require necessarily to be filed away. Filing damages the natural nail while remover protects the nail.

XXL LacLine is applied like a nail polish but stays for two weeks without chipping or breaking. With some clients it lasts even longer. Besides it is perfect for application on toe nails where it lasts for up to four weeks.

The UV nail polish is not to be used like normal nail polishes. It requires a precise way of handling as described in the step-by-step instructions. If you adhere to this you can derive pleasure from your nails for a longer time. Hence please check if one of the following factors could be the reason behind the short life of your nail polish:

  • - Were the nail surfaces grease free
  • - Were the nail surfaces devoid of remnants of remover?
  • - Have you cleaned your nails with spirit?
  • - Have you applied a primer?
  • - Have you applied a base coat?
  • - Have you taken care that all the nail polish layers have been thinly applied?
  • - Have you taken care of the edges at the tip of your nails?
  • - Are you sure that the base coat or top coat was not too thick?
  • - Were the painted nails hardened under the UV light as per instructions?
  • - Did you shake the nail polish really well before application?

Take care of these fine points at the next application. The results are then certain to be as desired.

Pay heed to the step-by-step instructions. For a perfect and long lasting result it is recommended that you follow these instructions precisely.

XXL LacLine is to be applied on nail surfaces that are clean, grease-free and slightly roughened. Please do not use a rougher file than a 180 grain nail file.

Yes, not an issue. XXL LacLine has primarily been conceived for natural nails but there is no problem in applying on gel or acrylic nails. However take care why cleaning with remover, the nail model might come off.

No, preparing as per the step-by-step instruction will suffice. Please apply cuticle care products and other oil based products only after application.

File the surface of the nail polish. Soak 1/4 of a cotton pad with remover, place it on the nail and cover it with an aluminium foil. Let it soak for 5—10 minutes after that you can scrape off the gel with a spatula (e.g. a metal cuticle pusher or rosewood stick). If the gel does not come off easily then let the remover soaked pad rest a little longer on the nail and try again after a few minutes.

Clients are prepared to pay 50-100% more for a XXL LacLine manicure than for the traditional nail polishes.

Yes, of course. If you, for instance, prefer an unobtrusive French look for your place of work, you can always re-paint it with a glitzy, off-the-shelf nail polish of your choice for a party at the weekend. To remove it just use an acetone-free nail polish remover. This keeps your XXL LacLine nail polish intact and shows up again after removal.
By the way, an off-the-shelf nail polish lasts considerably longer on a surface with a XXL LacLine application than on your natural finger nails.

For such an instance it is best to have an off-the-shelf nail polish of the same colour ready at hand for cosmetic repair. It is also absolutely okay to re-paint all the nails with any commercial nail polish without removing the XXL LacLine first. You will see that this nail polish will last longer than had it been applied on your natural finger nails.
If you have XXL LacLine set at hand then you can naturally repair or re-touch the damaged nail as per the instructions.

Any UV 4 × 9 light bulb is suitable. While using the 1 × 9 bulb you have to take into account that the diffused lighting is not optimum. It is important for the light to reach every corner of the nail otherwise some spots especially at the borders do not harden adequately.
XXXL LacLine hardens in two minutes. The base coat hardens in 10 seconds.

Yes, the LED light bulb hardens XXL LacLine products in 30 seconds.

As the XXL LacLine products need to be used very sparingly and the contents of the bottle can be used till the last drop there is great value for money. You need 1ml of nail polish per application and little less than 1ml of base coat and top coat.

Like all nail products XXL LacLine products need to be stored in a dry and dark place. Ensure that the bottles are tightly screwed after use. You can thus use the products in the bottles right to the last drop.

Soak Off nail polish is known for its flexibility and its excellent adhesive properties. It is lift free, does not crumble and split. The consistency of the Soak Off nail polish is reminiscent rather of an "elastic coating". It is applied very thinly and lends the manicure a natural elegance; gels and artificial nails are not a patch on them. Besides which Soak Off nail polishes can be applied on natural nails without the surface having to be filed.

  • Quick drying
  • Long lasting
  • Thus fewer manicures
  • No need for special tools or particular brushes for application.
  • Can be painted over with any commercial nail polish product
  • Groomed nails at all times
  • Suited for natural nails
  • Does not harm natural nails
  • Healthy and unobstructed growth of natural nails
  • Removal is easy even for the lay person without dependence on nail studios
  • Soak Off nail polishes are more expensive than other commercial nail polishes
  • Soak Off nail polishes are more tedious in application, the instructions have to be followed precisely to successfully achieve the long lasting quality
  • The user has to have practice and be deft to use it
  • A UV or LED light bulb is required for hardening.
  • In 2 weeks there is a visible growth mark in the nail bed signalling the next manicure
  • The 3-4 coats require more time which however is compensated by the quick hardening.

Such nail polishes contain many dense colouring pigments and have to be left to harden for at least 4 minutes. Therefore shake the nail polish bottle really hard before use. Besides, under no circumstances should you apply it thickly otherwise the nail polish will recede at the corners.

This can be for several reasons. Either the nail surface is too smooth in which case a filing of the nail gloss with a nail buffer is recommended. Or the nail polish has been applied too thickly, just apply the nail polish far more thinly. It is better to apply a couple of more coats than just 1 or 2 thick coats.

No, the nail polish hardens only upon exposure to UV or LED light. You necessarily require such an UV / LED nail curing apparatus

2 minutes under the UV light, very dark, black and glitter nail polishes require 4 minutes.
30 seconds under an LED light, 60 for dark and glitter nail polishes

During the hardening process under UV and LED lights a so called dispersion film also known as the sweat layer is formed. This can be rubbed with a cotton pad soaked in spirit.

DuRemoval of the dispersion layer is always the last step in the process whether or not you want to introduce additional decorative elements after application of nail polish.

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