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False eyelash applicator

....simplifies removal and application of strip eyelashes

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❤️ With these tweezers you can easily attach your strip eyelashes. Due to the long, curved tweezers, the eyelashes have a good hold and can be gently glued to the eyelid.

❤️ With this applicator, the false eyelashes can be applied and removed faster, easier and more precisely. It simplifies picking up and putting on strip eyelashes

❤️ It is light, short and fits perfectly in your hand, while being comfortable to hold without any effort. You can get super close to the lash line without blocking the view with this Mink Lashes Applicator.

❤️ To attach: - 1. Hold the wide part of the applicator with your index finger and thumb - 2. Pick up the strip lashes with the applicator and apply some eyelash glue. - 3. Wait a moment for the glue to dry slightly and then attach the eyelashes to your eyelid.

❤️ To remove: Take the applicator between your goat finger and thumb again. Grab the false eyelashes with the pliers and carefully pull them off the lid.


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