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~ Serum, Primer, Sealer, Cleanser

XXL Lashes Enhancer, Serum for eyelash and eyebrow growth

19,90 EUR - 33,00 EUR

XXL Lashes Primer

11,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Protein Eyelash Cleanser with Aloe Vera, 20 ml eyelash shampoo in a spray dispenser

instead of 4,90 EUR only 2,45 EUR you save 50%


XXL Lashes Eyelash Shampoo, Foam Cleanser, 50 ml - including special cleaning brush

7,50 EUR - 9,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Foam Cleanser, Lash Shampoo, free of oil and alcohol - 200 ml salon size

instead of 35,00 EUR only 19,90 EUR you save 43%


Protein Remover Pads - specially made for Eyelash Extensions - 75 pcs.

10,90 EUR

Cleaning Brush for Eyelash Extensions for use with Eyelash Shampoo

2,95 EUR - 4,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Sealer, protection and care after eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, eyelash wave and eyelash lamination, black and transparent

12,50 EUR

Eyewash Solution

2,90 EUR