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~ Adhesives & Removers

All you need to know about Eyelash Extension Adhesives: The Adhesive Tutorial

If you don't know which glue is best for you…..chose from here: all adhesives at a glance:

OIL RESISTANT ♥: XXL Lashes Adhesive "xD” Express

42,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Eyelash Adhesive xD "Ultra"

35,00 EUR

XXL Lashes Adhesive „Pro“ 5ml

29,00 EUR

XXL Lashes Eyelash Adhesive Sensitive, Oil-Resistant Eyelash Glue

29,00 EUR

NanoSprayer, Nano Mister

instead of 13,80 EUR only 10,07 EUR you save 27%


XXL Lashes Remover, 10ml

9,50 EUR - 12,50 EUR

Eyelash Extension Remover Minis

8,90 EUR

9 ml Skin and Lash Glue DUO

6,90 EUR - 8,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions, 5ml

7,50 EUR

Latex Glue with Brush Applicator

instead of 7,85 EUR only 5,90 EUR you save 25%


Lash Lifting Glue, Skin Glue, Adhesive for Eyebrow Lamination, Strip Lashes, Eyelash Clusters, Eyebrow Wigs, 10ml

3,80 EUR - 6,60 EUR

Glue for Eyelash Lifting

instead of 8,60 EUR only 3,90 EUR you save 55%


5ml Skin Glue for Eyebrow Wigs and Strip Lashes

instead of 7,25 EUR only 3,62 EUR you save 50%


Skin Glue in the Beta Test Phase *) – Ideal for Lash Lifting Pads, Brows and Strip Eyelashes

instead of 8,60 EUR only 2,90 EUR you save 66%