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Eyelash treatment consumables

XXL Lashes imports products from all corners of the world that stylists can rely on internationally: 1a glues, removers, pads, cleansers, tapes all based on the maxim that higher the quality of products longer the application lasts and thereby higher the success of stylists. Read all you need to know about adhesive here.

Glue for eyelash lifting and strip eyelashes adhesive, vegan, 5 g

9,60 EUR

32 perming rods for eyelash curling

4,90 EUR

Latex glue with brush applicator, skin glue for strip eyelashes and artificial eyebrows

instead of 7,85 EUR only 5,90 EUR you save 25%


Skin alcohol, antiseptic for disinfecting skin, hands and instruments, prevents infection

6,90 EUR - 20,90 EUR

Surgical single-use mask, 3-layer, effective facemask for protection from dust, breathing mask with ear loops, CE and FDA certified

0,55 EUR - 0,99 EUR

10m marker thread for eyebrows, pre-colored thread as a positioning aid when designing eyebrows

5,90 EUR

10 eyelash/eyebrow lifting and eyelash perming sachets, perming and fixing gel from the XXL Lashes “Super Lash Lift Kit”

instead of 14,50 EUR only 9,90 EUR you save 32%


XXL Lashes Enhancer, Serum for eyelash and eyebrow growth

19,90 EUR - 33,00 EUR

Eyelash Perming Kit for curled and lifted eyelashes

instead of 35,30 EUR only 19,90 EUR you save 44%


XXL Lashes Adhesive „Pro“ – oil resistant, waterproof, vegan, 5ml

29,00 EUR

XXL Lashes Eyelash Adhesive xD "Ultra", oil-resistant, high durability, fast-drying, waterproof, 5 ml

35,00 EUR

OIL RESISTANT ♥: ... XXL Lashes Adhesive "xD” for Russian Volume technique, also XD eyelash extension, 5 ml

42,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Primer

11,50 EUR

Eyelash Extension Remover in a convenient mini-dosage, re-sealable, 10 pieces each 0.5 ml

8,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions / Debonder for lashes, gentle removal of extensions without dripping, 5 ml

7,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Remover / Debonder - 10 ml

9,50 EUR - 12,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Make-up Cleanser, 30 ml

7,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Eyelash Shampoo, Foam Cleanser, 50 ml - including special cleaning brush

7,50 EUR - 9,50 EUR

XXL Lashes Foam Cleanser, Lash Shampoo, free of oil and alcohol - 200 ml salon size

instead of 35,00 EUR only 24,50 EUR you save 30%


Protein Remover Pads - specially made for Eyelash Extensions - 75 pcs.

10,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Sealer, protection and care after eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, eyelash wave and eyelash lamination, black and transparent

8,90 EUR - 12,50 EUR

10 x 2 Lint free Eye Pads, regular and extra thin

5,90 EUR - 7,90 EUR

24K Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches, 5x2 pads

8,80 EUR

Anti-wrinkle Eye Gel Pads, 10x2 units

4,90 EUR - 6,90 EUR

Charcoal Hydrogel Eye Patches, 5x2 pads

7,25 EUR

Luxury Mascara suitable for Eyelash Extensions - water soluble

4,00 EUR - 5,70 EUR

Micropore Tape to tape the lower eyelid

2,30 EUR - 2,50 EUR


1,95 EUR

Eyewash Solution

2,90 EUR

5ml skin glue for artificial stick-on eyebrows and strip eyelashes

7,25 EUR

1ml glue for strip eyelashes and artificial eyebrows

1,65 EUR

9 ml skin glue for strip lashes & stick-on eyebrows

6,90 EUR - 8,50 EUR

10 Silicon pad, size S, M or L - for perfect eyelash lifting! - Refill pack

12,80 EUR

Eyebrow and eyelash dye 2.0 from Swiss o-Par, waterproof, colourfast

7,90 EUR - 9,90 EUR

600 Crystal Stones / Strass Stones: Palette with 12 colours

instead of 15,50 EUR only 3,90 EUR you save 75%


600 small pearls in a rondell

instead of 17,50 EUR only 2,90 EUR you save 83%


Silikonpads für das Lash Lifting, 5 Paar in 5 verschiedenen Größen, Nachfüllpackung

11,80 EUR

Y-Applikatoren für Lash Lifting, 3 Stk. Nachfüllpackung

2,90 EUR