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Eyelash Perming Kit for curled and lifted eyelashes

Permanent curls for a permanent beaming look.

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eyelash perming Whoever is endowed from nature with long and thick but straight lashes, can get the perfect swing with a eyelash perming kit. It gives the face a beaming look.

Eyelash Perming is an innovative way to curl straight lashes. Also protruding or swirled eyebrows can be shaped with a perming treatment.

The eyelashes are wound on small rolls. These are available in different strengths, depending on the length of the natural lashes.
eyelash permingThey self adhere to the lids and are coated with three different structures of gels. A session lasts about 30—40 minutes and results in a beautiful upwards looking curl of the eyelashes. An eyelash curler is no more needed.
The eyelash perm last as long a the natural lifetime of the own lashes, which is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Then the treatment can be repeated.

 Unlike the frequent use of an eyelash curler, which can break the natural lashes, a good eyelash perm doesn’t harm natural lashes.

The set goes for about 10-12 sessions and includes products that have been developed by pharmacologists:

  • #1 Perm lotion
  • #2 Setting lotion
  • #3 Nourishing agent
  • #4 Cleanser
  • 8 pairs/16pcs of small eyelash rods
  • 8 pairs/16pcs of medium eyelash rods
  • 8 pairs/16pcs of large eyelash rods
  • 10ml eyelash glue, white

Directions for the use of eyelash permanent wave

Note: permed lashes are not suitable for eyelash extensions.


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