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10 eyelash/eyebrow lifting and eyelash perming sachets, perming and fixing gel from the XXL Lashes “Super Lash Lift Kit”

5 single-dose pieces of each lotion (=10 pieces in all), bestseller, revolutionary formulas, 2-5 min reaction time, vegan

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instead of 14,50 EUR only 11,50 EUR you save 21%


Eyelash lifting is the preferred alternative to eyelash extensions and lasts for 6-8 weeks. You will attract many more customers and increase your earnings by offering these new services. Owing to the XXL Lashes lotion’s reduced reaction time for eyelash lifting, the entire application procedure requires less than 30 minutes. This reduction in application time leads to greater cost efficiency, which is music to the ears for customers and beautician alike.

Both the lotions are the same as the perming and fixing gels of the Super Lash Lift Kit If you already possess the kit accessories, these sachets can serve as a refill for the used contents. Lotion 1 perming gel gently eases the structure of the natural eyelashes, making them pliant to take on the desired form. In the second step, the lotion 2 fixing-gel sets the curl that has been created.

After this step, we advise you to use this following this Eyelash and Eyebrow Colour to dye the eyelashes for two reasons. Firstly, it visually enhances the eyelash lifting effect and secondly, the eyelashes peel off very easily from the silicon pads.

The contents of each sachet are good for 2-3 applications and to be used immediately after opening. Please store the sachets firmly sealed in a cool and dark place.

Only suited for professional use; always use a new applicator for both lotion 1 and lotion 2, if mixed with one another they are rendered unusable prematurely. Ideally, mix pea-sized portions of the lotions in small cosmetic dishes and then apply it evenly using a separate micro brush.

XXL Lashes has a detailed eyelash lifting manual "how to get eyelashes with a gorgeous curl in just 10 steps"

XXL Lashes’ innovative eyelash lifting complies with Europe‘s stringent cosmetic regulations. It goes without saying that no tests have been conducted on animals to develop this product.


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