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Eyebrow make-up by Christian Faye, semi permanent, waterproof, available in 8 colors

Make-Up by Christian - Perfect eyebrows in seconds, waterproof, natural result, available in 8 colors. With one pack you can do one year with an everyday appliance.

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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up by Christian… for perfect, professional looking, identical eyebrows. Easy and fast to apply, lasts for at least 24 hours. It comes in 8 trendy colours...

XXL Lashes provides you with the only real semi-permanent eyebrow make-up: by Christian. It gives you the opportunity to emphasize your eyebrows in an easy, affordable and professional way.




This make-up is - as said – very easy and fast to apply, and guarantees to last for at least 24 hours. Even while you are showering, swimming, perspiring or visiting the sauna!

Tip: pluck your eyebrows in shape with the Quality Eyebrow Tweezers before applying.

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