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Basic Equipment

XXL Lashes offers the widest range of accessories in the world to aid in the art of eyelash extension: a range of excellent tweezers, magnifying glass and spectacles, the famous Glamcor LED light, glue rings and other tools.

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with LCD display, temperature and humidity measuring device

8,90 EUR

GLAMCOR Elite X - Twin Head Flexible HD Daylight LED Lamp

249,00 EUR

Headband, bandeau with magnetic eyelash pad for eyelash extension, headband for eyelash application

9,75 EUR

10 adhesive cups for eyelash extensions, volume fanning cups, blooming cups, easy fanning glue cups for Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

3,90 EUR

Diamond Tip Precision Tweezers for Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Technique

14,90 EUR

instead of 189,00 EUR only 145,00 EUR you save 23%


2,45 EUR - 3,45 EUR

FFP 2 mask with elastic ear loops, CE certified, black

1,90 EUR

3 white terry cloth headbands with adjustable velcro for cosmetic use

5,90 EUR

Gemini Daylight LED floor lamp with double arms, smartphone holder and carrying case, 4 brightness levels

192,00 EUR

Magnifying glasses with dual LED and 5 different lens, detachable bandeau and batteries

29,50 EUR

Cosmetic Mirror with magnification, 6", 7" or 8"

12,50 EUR

5 forehead trays to keep eyelashes, including a forehead band and glue container

15,90 EUR

GLAMCOR Elite - Twin Head Flexible HD Daylight LED Lamp (with EU or UK plug)

instead of 229,00 EUR only 199,00 EUR you save 13%


The Glamcor Mono Lamp, daylight LED lamp with a single arm and clamp (with EU or UK plug)

119,00 EUR

NanoSprayer, Nano Mister – fine atomised spray dries glue much faster ….

29,80 EUR

LED Headlamp

4,90 EUR

Extra Fine Point Tweezers

8,80 EUR - 8,80 EUR

Tweezers for eyelash extensions - X type

9,50 EUR

xD Volume Technique Tweezers for Russian Volume Technique, 3D, 5D or 7D

10,90 EUR

Cleaning Brush for Eyelash Extensions for use with Eyelash Shampoo

2,95 EUR - 4,90 EUR

3 pcs "xD" Volume Technique Tweezers Set, 3D-, 5D- and 7D for the Russian Volume Technique

instead of 32,70 EUR only 26,00 EUR you save 21%


Set of tweezers for eyelash extension professionals

61,50 EUR

Pincer Eyelash Scissors, also called Clipper Scissors - a gentle press to snip

10,90 EUR

3 re-useable, flexible, washable silicon pads with strong adhesive properties, anti-skid pad

7,50 EUR


3,50 EUR

False eyelash applicator

6,90 EUR

Ergonomically designed eyelash mirror, half-moon mirror

6,90 EUR

Dental Mirror

4,90 EUR

Foldable 4 sided cosmetic mirror - guaranteed to 'wow'

9,39 EUR

Magnifying make-up mirror with suction pads, 3 or 5 or 10 times magnification

4,60 EUR - 9,80 EUR

Eyelash Curler with Built-In Comb

8,90 EUR - 12,90 EUR

Adhesive Ring

1,80 EUR

Adhesive Ring Cups, 10 pcs

3,90 EUR

10 disposable Adhesive Rings

3,90 EUR

10 double chamber adhesive rings / pigment holder rings

3,90 EUR

Deluxe eyelash comb with stainless steel teeth

1,90 EUR - 3,90 EUR

10 x eyelash combs with stainless steel teeth - [2nd range]

16,90 EUR

XXL Lashes Bridge Ring

3,90 EUR

Eyelash comb separator with ergonomically bent stainless steel tips

2,95 EUR - 4,60 EUR

Eyelash Comb/Brush

0,79 EUR - 1,00 EUR

Disposable Mascara Brushes

4,50 EUR - 10,00 EUR

2 Vinyl Sponges

0,99 EUR

Jade Stone

3,90 EUR

Crystal Plate

3,50 EUR

Air Blower

2,95 EUR

Two-sided Adhesive tape, 5 m

4,90 EUR

Mannequin Head, with and without lashes

22,50 EUR - 26,50 EUR

Cotton gloves - in white and black

2,70 EUR - 3,90 EUR