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Diamond Tip Precision Tweezers for Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Technique - 5D

best precision, anti-static stainless steel, with diamond particles coated tips for a superior grip - get a tweezer box for free when ordering 2 tweezers

Product ID: 087000 weight: 0,02 kg

instead of 14,90 EUR only 10,50 EUR you save 30%

  • Modell: 5D-Tweezer


The Diamond Tip Tweezers are the best tweezers on the market for eyelash extensions. They are suitable for both: classic 1:1 and volume lashing, but their accuracy and easy to work with makes them the perfect tweezers for the volume technique.

There are 3 main features that set them apart from anything the industry has ever seen before:

1. DIAMOND TIPS: While normal tweezers have smooth tips these are coated with extremely fine diamond particles on the inside, ensuring a tight grip on even the finest lashes. The tips are perfectly aligned, so you can be sure to grab very fine hair on the first try with great accuracy to easily create precision fans.

2. BALANCED HANDLE: The handle's suspension is only slightly tensioned. Therefore, these tweezers offer a comfortable and easy squeeze without tiring your thumb and forefinger. With their low weight of 15.5 g and a length of 13 cm, the tweezers are easy and comfortable to hold without straining the hand.

3. GOLD GRIPPING PATTERN: The handles have a highly polished gold finish with an etched pattern. The diamond pattern offers a secure hold without slipping in order to prevent hand fatigue.

Ideal for mega volume!


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