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XXL Lashes Deluxe Kit for eyelash extensions and lash stylists with high quality products, eyelash glue, remover ....

including XXL Lashes instruction manual (PDF) in English

Product ID: 000064 weight: 3,30 kg

instead of 322,00 EUR only 250,00 EUR you save 22%


This chic aluminum case is the largest model in the XXL Lashes collection. Its dimensions are: 20 × 20 × 28 cm, so plenty of space for the extended equipment.

The internal layout is not only very stylish but also very practical.

The individual compartments are like draws and can be slid outwards.

The equipment meets all requirements and has everything you could wish for. See here what you get and what price you would pay if bought individually:

Content of Deluxe Kit individual price
big aluminium case 34.50 EUR
stainless steel extra fine point Tweezers 8.80 EUR
stainless steel curved Tweezers 8.80 EUR
X type Tweezers 9.50 EUR
Eyelash Comb/Brush 1.00 EUR
Scissors 3.50 EUR
Adhesive (Filling date on bottle bottom)
29.00 EUR
Remover (Filling date on bottle bottom)
12.50 EUR
Primer 7.90 EUR
Sealer 12.50 EUR
Saline Solution 2.90 EUR
Cleanser 7.90 EUR
wooden Palillos 1.95 EUR
box with mini Rhinestones (12 colours) or Pearls 7.75 EUR
decorative box with 300 Flare-Lashes in 3 lengths 16.80 EUR
3 × Coloured Lashes 29.40 EUR
3 × Premium-Lashes 8, 10, 12 mm 17.25 EUR
3 × Extra-Lashes 7, 9, 11 mm 17.25 EUR
1 Tray Y-Lashes 13.50 EUR
1 Tray Mink-Lashes 8-15 17.00 EUR
Training lashes 2.90 EUR
Micropore Tape 2.50 EUR
Microbrushes small 0.90 EUR
10 disposable Adhesive Ring 5.00 EUR
10 Powder Applicators 3.50 EUR
Deluxe Mascara 5.70 EUR
small Sponge Pad 0.50 EUR
Sponge 1.00 EUR
Cotton Buds 0.20 EUR
5 Lint free pads 4.75 EUR
Eyelash curler, heatable 9.90 EUR
Crystal Plate 3.50 EUR
Air Blower 2.95 EUR
LED Headlamp 6.50 EUR
amplification Mirror 12.50 EUR
Total 322.00 EUR

You will also receive an instruction manual (PDF) in English and links to helpful instruction films.


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