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Certified Correspondence course to qualify as an Eyelash Extension Stylist - de

Training without buying the materials: This course is recommended for those who already have the necessary equipments and only want to learn the application technique …

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  • Language: German


This correspondence course is ideal for those who have already attempted the technique of application without having managed to know the best approach or for those who want to upgrade their qualification.

It imparts valuable knowledge by self-study with the aid of which you can feel confident upon adequate practice. For 60% of the participants it is an optimal way of training without having to adjust to training schedules or having to travel to the training centers.

What this kit provides you with:
We will give you a manual and a training DVD which shows you in a detail and exhaustive manner how to go about preparing for an application and carrying it out successfully. The learning material covers the following points:

Part 1: Application of individual extensions

  • theoretical basic knowledge
  • which materials come into use
  • preparing for the right work station
  • thorough cleansing prior to procedure and treatment
  • masking the eyelashes
  • selection of the right eyelashes and their lengths
  • picking of eyelash and glue
  • proper segregation of the eyelashes
  • proper placing and alignment of the extensions
  • ideal distribution of length
  • sequence of application
  • tips for the stylist
  • care instructions for the client

Part 2: Removal of extensions

  • Removal of individual eyelash
  • Removal of a complete eyelash set

Part 3: Self-application with Flare Eyelashes

This correspondence course is suited to all those who...

  • want to learn comprehensively about the art of eyelash extension
  • want to expand their knowledge regarding eyelash extension
  • want to improve their performance and technique
  • want to augment their information and perfect their work
  • want to acquire a certificate as a proof of their qualification.

You yourself can set the tempo of learning in the comfort of your place of work and moreover at times that are best suited to your convenience.
As soon as you are adequately prepared we will send you a written and practical test / assignment.
Thereafter send us your test papers.
Upon passing the test we will issue a certificate declaring you to be an „XXL Lashes Stylist“.

This course is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French.
Please specify your language preference in the „Observation field“ of your order form.

Your course fees includes

  • the XXL Lashes manual in the language of your choice in over 20 pages filled with information
  • the XXL Lashes training DVD in the language of your choice
  • the written test procedure
  • the practical proof of qualification
  • assessments and guidance by our instructors during and even after the training
  • a certificate declaring you to be an XXL Lashes Stylist upon successfully passing the test.

Would you rather go for a one-day training session by an experienced trainer? Then the XXL Lashes Workshop is just right for you.


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