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1000 XXL Lashes Business Cards with your Name

… be generous with them and leave your trace behind wherever you go. There is no better advertising medium to create that first impression.

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The XXL Lashes business card is not just for information rather it should be left behind as a classy sales message no matter where you are. It is self-explanatory and does not require a heavy text; just your name, telephone number as well as your e-mail id and perhaps a few words in addition suffice to ensure you with utmost attention and response rate. They are ideal to tuck behind wipers, pin on hair-salon bulletin boards, in changing rooms, at hotel receptions, in restaurant wash rooms, in boutiques and similar locations, places where your potential customers are likely to visit.

A 1000 pieces are thus by no means a lot; in fact they are dispensed within no time at all if you promote yourself creatively and aggressively there where you would like to be noticed.

A really small investment with a high response rate!

The cards are available in a convenient 85 × 55 mm format in a sturdy 300 g/qm carton. The print face has a highly glossy finish.

On the rear there is place for you to insert your own information which you can put there directly. If the results are to your satisfaction you can place an order right away. The print job shall be commissioned immediately upon receipt of payment. Approximately 1 week thereafter your personalized business card will be delivered.


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