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Special offers: 50% sale

May 05, 2018

Who doesn’t love great products at low price? In this post we have selected some useful and amazing products that will save your life!

Check this list:

UV Light: This small professional light aided curing device is best suited for personal nail care and particularly preferred by “first-time users”. The Handy UV light is all your need for your salon or your personal use. The offer includes a 9W high performance tube. The dimensions are 268 × 110 × 110 cm. If you need a smaller version, you can check this Mini-LED light.

Handy UV light aided curing device 9W in silver

Eyelid Lifting: Eyelid lifting in seconds, easy and brilliant, no surgery needed.  Goodbye to hooded eyelids and tired eyes, XXL Lashes Lid-Up strips gift shining eyes and a wide-eyed look to all. Easy to use, they adhere well, are transparent and completely non-visible and very comfortable to have on.
120 units for only 15,50€!

XXL Lashes Lid-up Strips – 120 pieces

Silicon Eyelid Pads: The silicon pads are self-adhesive, washable, reusable and are preferred for using to cover the lower eyelid area completely for eyelash application. eyelash lifting, eyelash curling or eyelash dyeing procedures so that the sensitive skin there stays protected from colours and chemicals or while applying eye makeup to prevent mascara or kohl remnants from being left behind on the skin.

2 Silicon Eyelid Pads, Eyelash ExtensionTreatments Patch

We hope you liked our selection. We really think this is a great opportunity if you want to get professional products and results at a low price.

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