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Nail Trends (2018)

February 02, 2018

Source: Glowsly

Let’s celebrate the warmer seasons with the spring/summer 2018 nail trends! For this new fashion season, manicurists and nail artists created all manner of nail polish looks. On some runways, we saw big, embellished nails in loud colors, while many others chose to keep it simple and subtle.

Browse through these spring/summer 2018 nail trends to find the style that suits you best, with a breakdown of spring/summer 2018 nail shape trends and 2018 nail polish trends.


Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Shape Trends


#1. Short Nails

In a nod to practicality, many nail artists this season skipped the press-ons, and let models rock short but groomed nails.

#2. Long Ovals

Long ovals are that classic nail shape that almost everyone wishes for, naturally. They are long enough to scratch, but not so long as to be inconvenient.

#3. Stiletto Nails

If you thought the spring/summer 2018 nail shape trends were all about practicality, think again. While many of the looks we saw were quite down to earth, many nail artists were not afraid to go all out with long stiletto press-ons.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Nail Polish Trends


#1. Classic Red Nails

Red is a timeless color that will always have its place on the runways. It is sexy, elegant, and high-energy, so it was no surprise to see red nail polish become one of the spring/summer 2018 nail polish trends.

#2. Nude Nails

You cannot go wrong with a pale pink, beige, or light taupe, a timeless and natural nail polish color that easily becomes a trend every season, so it is no surprise that is part of the spring/summer 2018 nail trends.