XXL Lashes Adhesive "pro" - black

... a glue with strong bonding and fast setting - for long lasting extensions - 10 ml for an introductory price

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39,00 EUR

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This glue is very popular for his strong bonding and setting. It is available in black. A bottle contains 10 ml and lasts for more than 200 treatments.

Strong bonding means also strong fume. Therefore, this glue is not recommended for the self application, which needs to be done with opened eyes. It might happen that these fumes make your eyes burn or tear. This adhesive is recommended only for an Eyelash Professional, who applies eyelash extensions at an closed eye.

Many users prefer this glue because of its long lasting result. Some protect the eyes with drops to prevent tearing.

In case a non fuming adhesive is preferred, then the XXL Lashes Adhesive is the better choice.