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Magnetic Strip Eyelashes with 3 magnets on each, no glue required, 5 sets, fine workmanship, reusable, ultra-light and comfortable

Simply clip it on in the morning, and remove it within seconds in the evening - free for testers

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Currently in fashion, the latest in the realm of strip eyelashes:

  • Premium quality - Magnetic eyelashes are a handmade product made from superior quality synthetic fibres.
    The length of the eyelashes is perfect and follows the natural curve of your eyes.
    The strong magnetic force helps keep the eyelashes in place until removed.
  • Light and comfortable - These magnetic eyelashes are super flexible and ultra-light. You won’t even feel the weight on your eyes. Comfortable for long spells of use and not harmful to the natural eyelashes.
  • Easy to use and safe - No sticky glues required to affix them and can be worn in seconds. Harmless to health since hypoallergenic and free of nickel, lead and cadmium, safe for daily wear, the eyelashes have been subjected to a lot of internal tests.
  • Lasting and reusable - Properly stored and used, the magnetic eyelashes can be reused for up to 25 times, which saves your money. They are also safe for daily use and the eyelashes have been subjected to a lot internal tests
  • Practice and skill required - in the beginning it takes a little practice to put them on, but once you get a hang of it, they become a favourite makeup aid in your daily routine.
    As a beginner in the use of magnetic eyelashes, we suggest you look up the YouTube videos to guide you through the process of application.


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