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Foldable Eyelash Comb

Untangles stuck and tangled eyelashes and easy to carry

Product ID: 086604 weight: 0,01 kg

1,90 EUR - 3,90 EUR


Quantity Single price
1-2 3,90 EUR
3-5 -21 % 3,10 EUR
6-9 -31 % 2,70 EUR
>= 10 -51 % 1,90 EUR


This tiny metal comb is 8.6 cm long when folded making it a neat fit for handbags or purses.

The collapsible design feature acts as a tip guard for the metal teeth, protects them from dirt and dust, and prevents them from getting caught in the handbag/purse lining.

By virtue of being made out of steel, the comb glides evenly through stuck or tangled eyelashes and combs every single eyelash back in place; even more useful for eyelash extensions. That is why the product is loved precisely by eyelash stylists and handed out to clients after application.


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