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Eyebrow colour Swiss O Par, Professional and DIY eyebrow colour set for at least 20 applications

For permanent tinting - gives your eyebrows intensity, expression and a beautiful shape, for a younger look.

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❤️ Eyebrows are an essential part of the overall look of a face. You can completely change and emphasize it. Many women and men opt for tinted eyebrows because they are easy to maintain and the effect lasts a few weeks.
This eyebrow color is intense and durable, high-quality components ensure even, perfect coloring and shape for many weeks.

❤️ Swiss O Par Eyebrow tint is available in these colors:

  • Eyebrow color darkbrown (natural brown)
  • Eyebrow color graphite
  • Eyebrow color deep black

❤️ One pack contains:

  • Cream Developer 15 ml
  • Color Cream 15 ml
  • 2 Applicators
  • Dye Bowl
  • Instructions for Use

Instructions - coloring eyebrows made easy:

Clean eyebrows thoroughly. They must be free of grease and dry in order to achieve an optimal color result. You can contour above and below the brow and some skin cream with a cotton swab, in order to protect these skin areas from staining. However, skin cream must not get directly onto the hair.


1. Mixing: Squeeze about 0.5 - 1cm of color between the marked lines on the bottom of the coloring bowl. Then put 10-13 drops of cream developer in the dye bowl and mix with the enclosed applicator (stick) to an easily spreadable mass. The more drops of developer you use, the thinner the consistency of the paint will be. Use the mixed paint immediately.

2. Application: Apply the prepared color evenly to the eyebrows in the direction of growth using the applicator provided until they are completely covered.

3. Exposure time: 6-10 minutes, depending on the desired depth of color (the longer the exposure time, the darker the colour)

4. Removal: After the exposure time, remove the applied eyebrow color with wet cotton pads until no more color residue can be seen on the pad. For the next staining process, the applicator and the staining bowl must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Color stains on the skin can be removed with soap and water or a commercial eyelash cleanser. All the creams and iquids must not come into contact with textiles and furnishings, as color stains will occur. Please do not dye your eyebrows until 24 hours after plucking them. After use, close the bottle and tube tightly again. Store dark and not too warm.

All 8 advantages at a glance:

❤️ easy and quick application

❤️ natural, permanent and colourfast

❤️ for thick, nicely shaped eyebrows

❤️ Waterproof and smudge-proof, ideal for all sports and in the sauna

❤️ Both for professional use and for use at home or on the go

❤️ An even, perfect result in just a few minutes

❤️ Available in 3 different attractive colors

❤️ natural, long-lasting look up to 4 weeks

Ingredients color: Aqua, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Steareth-21, Lauryl Alcohol, Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate, Resorcinol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, m-Aminophenol, 2-Methylresorcinol, EDTA, Parfum, Sodium Hydrosulfite, Carbomer, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Citronellol, Linalool

Ingredients developer: Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dipalmitoylethyl Hydroxyethylmonium Methosulfate, Ceteareth-20, Etidronic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Acetaminophen


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