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Cleaning Brush for Eyelash Extensions for use with Eyelash Shampoo

Cleans your eyelash extensions gently and hygienically, removing impurities and eye make-up

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This cleaning brush was specially developed for the hygienic cleaning of natural and artificial eyelashes, the area around the eyes and the area around the nose. The particularly fine, delicate hairs of this exclusive brush are slightly raised at the front end which makes them ideal for cleaning eyelash extensions without damaging their adhesion. In contrast to cotton pads, whose fibres can get caught between the eyelashes and pull on them, the brush hairs reach spaces between the individual eyelashes very well.

Say goodbye to blackheads on your nose: The cleaning brush can also be used very well for impurities in the nose area. Thanks to its soft and antibacterial bristles which are slightly raised in the middle, the cleanser can penetrate thoroughly into the skin pores by practicing circular movements. This reduces blackheads and impurities by a significant amount.


Apply eyelash shampoo at the tip of the brush and clean the eyelashes with the technique illustrated in this video. We recommend XXL Lashes Foam Cleanser as a suitable cleansing foam or make-up remover. Together with the cleaning brush, the foam cleanser thoroughly removes all skin flakes and all fat that's found between the eyelashes. This will prevent eyelid inflammation.

After each application, the brush should be cleaned with a mild shampoo and then hung up to dry.


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