5 forehead trays to keep eyelashes, including a forehead band and glue container

… for high-speed applications, shortens working time by 40% and enables to work with concentration

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These forehead trays form the most practical tool for professional stylists for ease of working from peeling off false eyelashes from the strips to placing them due to the absence of distance. Being placed next to the eyes saves up to 40% of time. It is also easy on the stylist's eyes since he/she does not have to shift his/her glance constantly with every hand movement. The hand travels the shortest distance from the tray to the customer's eye lids.

The tray is fixed into the forehead band, is made for repeated use and has place for 5 rows of eyelashes and the glue cup. The tray can be moved on either side due to the straps on the left and right of the band making it possible to place the material away, for unhindered hand movement during application.

A pack contains 5 trays, 1 forehead band and 5 glue cups.