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10 perming gel sachets and 10 fixing lotion mini tubes for eyelash and brow lifting + 1 extra glue for free

Apply directly from the tube, re-sealable, no wastage, no loss of shelf life

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Both the lotions are at par with the tried and tested perming and fixing gels from the Super Lash-Lift Kit for eyelash lifting. If you already have the other kit accessories, you can supplement the kit with the contents of these mini tubes.

The unbeatable advantage of the mini tube and sachets is that the contents are just right for a single use with nothing left behind. Contents that are left over in other containers, like jars, and not used within 10 to 14 days lose potency as soon as they come in contact with the oxygen in the air. Freshly opened tubes, by contrast, always provide contents in their best state and can even be closed again airtight.

These minis are the preferred choice of professionals also since the lotion can be conveniently applied directly on the eyelashes without having to use an applicator. This saves both time and material.

10x0,5ml perming lotion, gently relaxes the eyelash structure of natural lashes and makes them pliable to take the desired form.
10x0,5ml fixing gel – used in the second step to fix the eyelash arch created
1 instruction manual in 5 languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish)

1. Apply the perm lotion on the lower half of the eyelashes and leave it for 3-5 min (4-5 min for thick eyelashes) and then remove the lotion.
2. Repeat the procedure with the fixing gel, avoid skin contact.
Always use a fresh applicator to apply both the lotions since premature blending of both these lotions nullifies efficacy.
Detailed instructions on eyelash lifting are provided as part of the Super Lash Kit.
Suited only for professional use.
The contents of a mini tube are good for 1-2 applications and should be used quickly after opening. Please store it in a cool dark place after sealing it tightly.

Eyelash lifting is preferred over eyelash extension and lasts for approx. 6-8 weeks. It takes less than 30 minutes for the entire application procedure because of the short reaction time of the lotions by XXL Lashes for eyelash lifting.


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