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10pcs Eyebrow Set for perfect eyebrow styling

All eyebrow related tools well organised and clearly visible for easy access, including a free case

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10,90 EUR - 12,90 EUR


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1-2 12,90 EUR
3-4 -8 % 11,90 EUR
>= 5 -16 % 10,90 EUR


❤️ Gorgeous eyebrows are important both for men and women as they define the facial expression. The look one prefers is a matter of personal choice, be it a wild, neat, bushy or contoured one. This kit carries all the tools that one needs to style and maintain good eyebrows.

❤️ The contents of this elegant set are made up of 1 pair of eyebrow tweezers, a small trimmer, a small mascara brush, a small eyelash/eyebrow comb, a small eyebrow blade with comb, a pair of special eyebrow scissors, an eyebrow razor and a dual eyebrow pencil.

❤️ All the instruments are made from superior, stainless, long lasting materials. The razor is sharp enough to shape or pluck the eyebrows perfectly into the desired form by not injuring the skin at the same time.

❤️ This set is thus not just ideal for professionals, but also serves as a perfect gift for friends and customers. It also comes with a neat case at no extra cost that keeps the tools well organised and clearly visible for easy access.

❤️ Many more eyebrow accessories are available for styling, like stencils, artificial eyebrows, growth serums etc., and for an overview of methods and looks, for instance at XXL Lashes which always keeps a wide range of required accessories in stock.


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