Artificial, semi-permanent, stick-on eyebrows made of 100% natural hair, handmade

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If you suffer from a loss of eyebrows because of illness or after a chemotherapy session then your facial aesthetics can be restored almost imperceptibly and naturally with the use of artificial eyebrows.

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A face without eyebrows seems as if something were sorely “missing”, but there are artificial look-alike eyebrows now available, made of 100% natural hair in different colours and contours, the use of which transforms your appearance in the twinkling of an eye.

By fine craftsmanship they are manually knotted on to an extremely thin mesh. After they are individually snipped, they are fastened by skin glue. Depending on the skin-type, this long-lasting glue makes the product last for several days and makes it even survive a few showers. Detailed directions for use help you out with the application for the first time.

Your hairdresser can assist you in choosing the right shade for you. The eyebrows can be re-dyed using the normal products meant for colouring and highlighting..

We recommend the use of this water-proof XXL Lashes skin glue.

One packet contains:

  • 1 pair of natural hair eyebrows
  • 1 Directions for use.

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